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  • Roofing

    HBI specializes in complete roofing services for residential homes. Based on value and trust, we have been servicing the triangle for over 25 years. We use top quality roofing products throughout the entire process, including but not limited to, synthetic roof underlayments, ice and water shield, architectural dimensional shingles, and professional grade caulks and sealants. We protect your home during the installation and for the life of your home. Additionally, your neighbors won't complain about the mess we leave behind. We clean up after ourselves and all they'll notice is your fabulous new roof.

  • Siding

    Let HBI replace damaged and leaking masonite with a rot-free product. We recommend James Hardi (TM) fiber cement siding. We can do the entire house or just a few sections including the soffit, fascia, corner, frieze and rake boards. Let us complete the look with a whole house paint refresh.

  • Carpentry

    HBI offers exterior carpentry services including masonite replacements with Hadi-fiber cement siding, corner board, fascia, rake boards, soffit, and frieze boards. We typically replace with a rot-free product, such as PVC and/or fiber cement. We can also help you frame out your project - no matter how small or large the project.

  • Painting

    HBI offers a wide range of exterior and interior painting services. We approach every project with the highest level of quality craftsmanship. With years of experience you can count on us to deliver outstanding service at an affordable price. We use commercial grade paint, caulking, and sealants. Our preparation is a crucial part of the job. We power wash the entire painting surface and caulk all seams and joints before applying paint.

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